Flight Rising

Tai | 17 | CA | INFP
I like dark places for hiding.
I also love art, food, nature, dragons, and animals.

I'll probably post a lot of dumb things and get overly excited about presents.
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ah i see youve noticed me tamping down the soft earth




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mom i had a bad dream can i sleep in your bed for a bit


My new Coatl pair (aptly named BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD) is finally nesting!

These two produce light bodied babies with blood or crimson crackle.


a 3rd duck villager moved into my town, which wouldn’t be suspicious if they didn’t all live together in a corner isolated from the rest of the village like some kind of secret duck cult

(・Д・)ノbut potion seller sama says the potions are too strong for me!

Eh, i blame the district mostly. Theyre in charge of this stuff.

And luckyyyyy
Im behind 40 Elective credits because they kept forcing me to retake unnecessary classes :I

I know.. You can always ask them, but since its not participating in some middleman Non-Profit Organization or something like that, its probably not good enough. I worked at an old folk’s home for 4 months, and was told that my time spent there doesnt count. That’s directly helping people, actually helping the community, but its not good because…. It was helping actual people instead of a NPO???

Its good that the interview treated you well! Although it is a place where you gotta work with them young whippersnappers so i’d wear a bite proof k9 training suit the first day and work from there
uuuugh why they gotta do this to us
isnt the GPA and Grades thing enough for them

Look at me while you cum.
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Personally i wanna throw up every time they talk about Community Service on the morning announcements.

Yesss omg. The only thing i was able to do was get hours for cooking food, but i cant do that anymore (or at least was told we wouldnt be able to anymore)
The next step up was serving the food but thats 10000x harder. Everyone wants to say “STOP BEING SO SCARED LIGHTEN UP” but its never that easy, right?
I just hope someone finally heard this and actually offers alternatives for regular students.

In summary it touches on how requiring us to do community service or face not-graduating creates a barrier for students with social anxieties and other issues that prevent them from being able to safely and confidently partake in CS stuff.